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Vango 2016 Tents – A Closer Look At The New Product Range

Vango tent

Thanks to their extensive range of tents and outdoor equipment, Vango are one of the market leaders in this field (excuse the pun) – constantly pushing the boundaries of new technology and features that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor experience. For 2016, as you can expect, Vango have added new models and updated existing ones – here we take a look at the range and give you an insight into what you can expect.

Vango x Winfields Exclusive Tents

Here at Winfields, our buying team have worked closely with Vango to design and create some tent models that are exclusive and only available online or selected Winfields stores.

Vango Keswick 600 & 600 DLX Tents

With the Keswick 600 being one of our most popular tents in the previous season, we thought it would be rude not to update and re-stock it for 2016. The only major difference is the new Herbal Green colourway, whilst the big update is the addition of the Keswick 600DLX – this is the steel poled version in vibrant Sky Blue. We don’t believe there is a tent model on the market which offers the specification, features and space of both these fantastic family tents.

Vango Keswick 600 DLX tent

Vango Keswick 600 DLX

View the Vango Keswick 600 & Keswick 600 DLX

Vango Lomond 500 & 600 Tents

Everything a small family/group needs for a weekend away or a couple would want for a long stay. Great space, extremely easy pitching and a front attached canopy which is absolutely ideal for keeping any rain off the front door (allowing you to keep it fully open), extra shade or even spare storage space.

Vango Lomond 600 tent

Vango Lomond 600 tent

View the Vango Lomond 500 & Lomond 600 tent.

Vango AirBeam

The highly anticipated new range of Vango AirBeam tents see’s new additions and incredible updates to some of their most well-known models.

What’s new?

  • SuperBeams – 30% increase to the size of the inflatable beam on certain tent models.
  • New 420D Fabric – Increase in fabric denier (thickness) for an even longer-lasting material on certain tent models.
  • New Colourways – A vibrant Sky Blue and an update to Vango’s renowned colourway, Herbal Green.
  • Vango Skyliner – A new addition to the range of accessories available for your tent, aiming to protect and prolong the life-expectancy. Read more here.
  • Air Pump Upgrade – Now delivers air more efficiently into the beams, meaning easier inflation.
  • New Inflation Point Covers – Gives the tent a pleasing look and protects the inflation points from getting damaged.

Vango AirBeam Rivendale 800XL Tent

One of our top picks for 2016. Why? Simple. Unbelievable value for money compared to other similar, tents on the market. For a family of up to 8 people, you get huge amounts of both living and sleeping space, Vango’s Protex® 150D 5000HH polyester flysheet and a super-handy enclosed porch area!

View the Vango AirBeam Rivendale 800XL.

Vango AirBeam Illusion 800 Tent

Updated for 2016, including Vango’s new superbeams and an upgraded 420D material – the Illusion 800 is set to take the market by a storm. Huge amounts of early interest are showing signs that this model could be one of the most popular tents in the range for the 2016 season. The luxurious space in both living and porch area will suit a large family (up to 8 people) perfectly.

View the Vango AirBeam Illusion 800.

Vango AirBeam Inspire 600 Tent

This classic Vango AirBeam tent has been updated for 2016, including the upgraded 420D material and 30% larger superbeams to give even more quality and longevity. Huge living area, sleeping for up to 6 people and a spacious open-porch – it’s no wonder the Inspire 600 won best inflatable tent of the year for 2015! Now available with the Sky Liner as an optional extra.

Vango AirBeam Inspire 600 tent

Vango AirBeam Inspire 600

Vango AirBeam Eclipse 600 Tent

A similar tent to the Inspire, the Eclipse 600 sits in the Vango AirBeam range as another high spec family tent. The Eclipse features an absolutely huge living area and perfect for someone who doesn’t require a porch area as standard.

Vango AirBeam Eclipse 600 tent

Vango AirBeam Eclipse 600

View the Vango AirBeam Eclipse 600.

Vango AirBeam Edoras 400, 500XL & 600XL

New for 2016, in Vango’s new Sky Blue colourway – the Edoras range are sure to be popular tents. Featuring the 150D fabric with a 5000mm coating, it’s clear that you get fantastic value for money with the starting price at a penny under £600. Vango have ensured the bedrooms are extra spacious to comfortably accommodate airbeds and self-inflating mats – not to mention the luxuriously spaced living area.

Vango AirBeam Edoras 600XL tent

Vango AirBeam Edoras 600XL

View the Vango AirBeam Edoras 400, AirBeam Edoras 500XL and AirBeam Edoras 600XL.

Vango AirBeam Taiga 500 & 600XL

They’re back for the new season, after taking 2015 by a storm – the Taiga 600XL was one of our most popular models. What people seem to love about this range is the huge living area and, more importantly, the attached front porch area which is great for unwanted items inside the living area like wet clothes or muddy shoes.

What’s more, the fact that the porch is fully enclosable means that this is also a great area for extra storage! The fabric is an ample 70D material that isn’t as hefty has some models in the Vango AirBeam range, but will certainly keep you more than happy knowing that this is ready for you to enjoy your camping holiday.

Vango AirBeam Taiga 500 tent

Vango AirBeam Taiga 500

Vango AirBeam Rhapsody 800XL

Taking over from last year’s Euphoria 600, the Vango AirBeam Rhapsody 800XL is sat at the top of the tree – when it comes to being the ‘daddy’ of all tents.  Vango have managed to claw over 10kgs off the Rhapsody so, compared to the Euphoria, it’s lighter and also features the new 30% stronger SuperBeams. The main selling point of this tent is the offering of polycotton material, so for those who are all about quality and longevity – this is the tent for you. If this is a little too pricey for you, it’s worth taking a look at the Illusion 800.

Vango AirBeam Rhapsody 800XL tent

Vango AirBeam Rhapsody 800XL

View the Vango AirBeam Rhapsody 800XL.

Vango AirBeam Palermo 800

The Palermo 800 is a new addition and features a ‘podded’ style structure which has become an almost forgotten layout in tents these days – but it’s certainly back with a bang. Featuring Vango AirBeam technology, we are super-happy to have something like this available to our customers. Great for large families (up to 8) with needs of 3 completely separate bedrooms, whether that be for privacy or having more sleeping space per person. One to watch for 2016.

Vango AirBeam Palermo 800 tent

Vango AirBeam Palermo 800

View the Vango AirBeam Palermo 800.

Vango AirBeam Capri 400, 500, 500XL & 600XL

Starting at £399.99, the Vango AirBeam Capri range from 4 a berth up to a large 6 berth and features a great sized living area with a front attached sun canopy which is great for keeping the weather off the front door of the tent and as extra shade/shelter. A popular range of tents that will appeal to couples up to large families on a budget.

Vango AirBeam Capri 500XL tent

Vango AirBeam Capri 500XL

View the Vango Airbeam Capri 400, the AirBeam Capri 500, the AirBeam Capri 500XL and the AirBeam Capri 600XL.

Vango AirBeam Solaris 400 Tent

With just 3 AirBeams to inflate, the Solaris is perhaps the perfect tent for weekends away or for even longer stays for couples. A Protex 70D fabric with 4000mm coating will keep you dry (which is great) and a large front-attached sun canopy adds another dimension to the tent, without adding much weight or increasing the pack size.

Vango AirBeam Solaris 400 tent

Vango AirBeam Solaris 400

View the Vango AirBeam Solaris 400.

Vango Family Poled Tents

Vango Orava 600XL Tent

For those looking for a strong and spacious family tent without the extra cost of going inflatable – the Orava 600XL fits the bill. A large living area will accommodate up to 6 people, whilst a handy porch area is great for storing items you don’t want inside the living area. The fibreglass poles create much easier pitching and both the weight and pack size of the tent are reduced significantly.

Vango Orava 600XL tent

Vango Orava 600XL

View the Vango Orava 600XL.

What do you make of the Vango 2016 product range? You can also check out our full range of Vango camping equipment.

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