We Product Test Some Great Jack Wolfskin Clothing

Walkers wearing Jack Wolfskin clothing

Here at Winfields, we want you to be able to buy with confidence, and we wouldn’t want you to buy anything from our site that we wouldn’t buy ourselves. We test drove some new Jack Wolfskin products to give you our honest opinions on how they look, feel and perform.

Jack Wolfskin Men's Airrow Waterproof Jacket

This is a nice lightweight jacket and performed to the high standard I expect from Wolfskin. It works as a good final layer, not only as a waterproof but it also kept the wind off and helped to keep in the heat when the temperature started to drop. It was a nice fit that allowed for good movement, and it had a great hood on it that really covered the head with a nice peak on it that really helped keep the rain off.

Jack Wolfskin Airrow Jacket

The colours were lovely - the blue with the orange works well together and helps to break up the oranges of the fleece and the long sleeve t-shirt. Again, a good, bright colour for on the hill.

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Jack Wolfskin Men's Marrakech Zip Off Trousers

A great trouser for hiking. They are a hardwearing material but still very comfortable to wear. They have the option of a zip-off leg if it got too warm - at the time of year we went this wasn’t needed but it’s still good to have the option rather than having to pack a pair of shorts. The material breathed very well meaning I didn’t get too warm or sweaty when hiking. They were a nice neutral colour against the bright oranges of the other clothing.

Jack Wolfskin Marrakech zip off pants

The only negative was that it could have done with a cargo pocket as I was quite short of pockets when I wasn’t wearing my fleece and jacket but this is only a minor issue.

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Jack Wolfskin Maitland II Shirt Longsleeve

The first thing to note about this shirt is that it looks great; I was really impressed with the style and it’s a nice bright colour for when you’re on the hill. It’s a good multi-purpose shirt, too. It’s good for putting on over your outdoor gear to smarten up for going into a pub at the end of a walk, but is also great for use on the hill with its wicking properties and hardwearing yet comfortable material. It also works well if you just want to add another layer to take the chill off around the campfire instead of using a fleece.

Jack Wolfskin Maitland II longsleeve shirt

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Jack Wolfskin Hollow Longsleeve

This is a really nice piece of clothing. I love the logo running down the sleeve, so if you’re a fan of Wolfskin as a brand then this is a great item for shouting about it, and again it’s a nice bright colour for on the hill. The performance of this t-shirt was excellent - great wicking properties that worked well, plenty of movement in the material, fit was perfect and a very comfortable material to wear. This was the only layer I had on when hiking and it kept me at just the right temperature. I also really liked the exposed stitching.

Jack Wolfskin hollow longsleeve t-shirt

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Jack Wolfskin Rock Sill Jacket

The Rock Sill Jacket is actually a fleece and was extremely warm for its light weight. I started the hike wearing it and within ten minutes I had to take it off! Perfect for winter hikes. It had a great hood on it, shaped really well around your head and the sides of your face which kept in the warmth nicely. It had a nice fitted cut but still had plenty of movement. The colour is great if you’re up on the hill and, again, I like the exposed stitching. A great all-round fleece but I reckon this would be particularly good for backpackers.

Jack Wolfskin Rock Sill fleece

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Jack Wolfskin Crosswind WT Texapore Mid Hiking Boot

Having never worn a pair of Jack Wolfskin boots before, I was impressed from the moment I took them out of the box with the great design and an easy quick lace system.  The only issue I had with the quick lace system is that no pocket was provided to stuff the excess lace into (like Salomon) but this was easily overcome by tucking the excess under tightened laces.

Walker wearing Jack Wolfskin walking bootsThese Crosswind boots are waterproof, very light and extremely sticky on the wet and dry trails.  My main issue is these boots have a very flat insole and therefore I would definitely recommend using them with other insoles. I used an existing pair of Superfeet but this raised the foot too much, causing rubbing on the back of the heels.  Overall, if this boot was combined with a better insole, they would be a comfortable, grippy, light and response pair of boots.

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Take a look at some more of the pictures from our day out testing the products...

Mountain on a sunny day

Jack Wolfskin Airrow Jacket

Walker wearing Jack Wolfskin clothing

Walker wearing Jack Wolfskin clothes

Walkers on mountain wearing Jack Wolfskin

We were really impressed with all the products we tested, and if you decide to purchase any, we hope they perform as well for you as they did for us.

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