Men's Berghaus Clothing

Whether you’re looking for the latest waterproof jackets and trousers, or a new base layer for a hike, you can find your best fit from our range of men’s Berghaus clothing.

We have a wide selection of men’s Berghaus jackets in a variety of colours and styles to suit you. Alternatively, our men’s Berghaus trousers will keep you warm and dry as you explore the outside world.

At Winfields Outdoors, there are even more reasons to get set up for your next adventure with free delivery on orders over £80.

Men’s Berghaus at Winfields Outdoors
At Winfields Outdoors, we believe in offering high-quality supplies at reasonable prices so that everyone can enjoy their time outside. Choosing men’s Berghaus clothing for your next adventure means you can look stylish and feel confident with every step.

Men’s Berghaus jackets and gilets
Men’s Berghaus jackets and gilets are a great investment into your future comfort the next time you head outside. 

Whether you’re going on your first hike or spending the weekend camping out under the stars, Berghaus outerwear has a load of useful features to keep you warm and dry.

Berghaus Gore-Tex jackets
If you’re looking for some of the best Men’s Berghaus waterproof jackets, look out for the Gore-Tex label. This technology is designed to keep you warm and dry in bad weather, with additional windproofing to block chills from stealing your body heat.

Plus, these Berghaus men’s jackets use breathable materials to stop sweat from building up on your skin and helping you maintain a reasonable temperature during periods of intense activity.

You can even keep up with the ever changing British weather, as our Berghaus men’s waterproof jackets can be folded down to fit into a rucksack and tucked away when the sun comes out.

Learn more about this technology with our article on Everything You Need to Know About Gore-Tex®.

Men’s Berghaus gilets
Our Berghaus men’s gilets are a stylish but functional addition to your outdoor staples. Gilets are versatile garments that you can wear in cool weather where you want to keep your body warm but don’t want the full coverage of a jacket or coat.

Alternatively, gilets are an ideal mid-layer for the colder months when you’re looking for more mobility and less bulk on your arms - or as part of your winter wardrobe over the top of an insulated top, for example.

Check out our Bodywarmer & Gilet Buying Guide for more tips to help you choose the right one for you.

Men’s Berghaus trousers and shorts
You can tackle everything from hilltops to mountain climbs with our range of men’s Berghaus trousers and shorts.

Berghaus walking trousers 
By choosing men’s Berghaus walking trousers, you’ll benefit from flexible 4-way stretch fabrics to maximise your mobility - which is perfect for more difficult treks or rougher terrain.

Plus, the products in this range are made from durable, breathable synthetic fabrics to keep you safe and cool on your adventure.

Berghaus men’s trousers even include an integrated belt and velcro fastenings for a more personalised fit, so you can be confident your trousers will be up to the most energetic trails and hikes.

Read our Walking & Waterproof Trousers Buying Guide for more information on how to choose the right pair of Berghaus men’s trousers for your needs.

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