If you’re going camping, then, unless you’re going to fashion one from branches and bracken, you’re going to need a tent. It’s simple. Without one, you’re probably going to get pretty cold and, if in the UK, probably quite wet.

But which tent do you buy? Do you need a one-man tent for solo expeditions or a 7-sleeper to accommodate family and friends? Choosing the right tent can be quite an overwhelming experience, and it’s important you find the one that’s right for your needs.

Here at Winfields, we have a huge range of tents for sale, including inflatable tents, pop-up tents, polycotton tents and many others. We stock some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry, including Vango, Outwell, Kampa, Zempire, Sunncamp and more, so whichever tent you choose, you know you’re getting only the highest quality.

We also stock a great selection of tent accessories to ensure you’re maximising your camping experience, with the likes of tent extensions & canopies, carpets and footprints.

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