The Camping Furniture You Need On Your Next Holiday

We all know the basics when it comes to camping and the equipment you need to take with you; a tent ✔️, sleeping bag ✔️, something to cook with✔️. But what else? Something to sit on, of course.

You can get by quite comfortably on the bare minimum while camping. However, they're only the start, and very few of us actually travel so lightly, unless it's an expedition or Duke of Edinburgh.

If you want a truly great holiday, you need to get your hands on some camping furniture. You want a home away from home, to kick back and relax.

So, read on discover more about the key camping furniture and equipment you need before you head off for your next trip...

Camping chairs

There’s nothing quite like plonking a chair outside your tent, grabbing a drink and watching the world go by, or sitting around a campfire with a group of friends.

So, unless you plan on sitting on the floor or on your sleeping bag, camping chairs are absolutely essential. They also come in handy for your garden, going to the beach or even if you run out of furniture indoors when you have lots of company.

There are some incredible camping chairs available with features including foot and headrests and are almost as comfortable as the armchair in your living room. There are even inflatable options if space isn't a huge issue in your tent.

However, if you just want something simple, then you can get chairs for the whole family without spending much at all - and with brands like Vango and Kampa, you know you’re still getting top quality.

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Camping tables

Vango Orchard Table and Chair Set

Going hand-in-hand with the chairs, you could also do with a camping table for enjoying your meals outside under the stars or inside your family tent and caravan.

Sitting around as a family and enjoying some quality time together is one of the joys of camping. Perhaps it's something you don’t get to do enough of at home, so make sure you have a camping table you can all sit around, play games and enjoy the with each other.

We’ve got a superb range of camping tables to choose from, suitable for use both inside and outside your tent, ideal if you like a little al fresco dining or want to get together for a games night. They’re all foldable so will pack away nice and compactly when not in use.

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Airbed & camp beds

Coleman Maxi Comfort King Airbed

If you have a good quality sleeping bag and mat then you can get a great night’s sleep - something that is crucial to enjoying your camping trip.

However, if you want a little extra comfort then you might want to consider an airbed or a folding camp bed, so you’re not sleeping on the floor. Obviously you won’t then feel any bumps in the ground, but you’ll also be a little warmer - who doesn't want that?

Having an airbed or camp bed also means you have more sleeping provisions if you have a couple of extra people camping with you. These beds are available in single and double bed sizes, perfect if you want to stretch out or share your adventures.

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Camping storage

Unless you’re going to live out of a suitcase or store everything in piles around the tent (if you have children, they’ll likely do this anyway) then you’ll need some decent camping storage solutions.

When it comes to storage, you can go as simple or sophisticated as you like. From fabric cupboards and wardrobes to full kitchen units and basic camping storage containers, you can ensure your tent stays neat, tidy and organised - in theory!

So whether you want or need somewhere to keep your food, shoes, dirty washing or whatever else you’ve brought with you, we’ve got you covered.

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Camping fridge

You don’t have to just eat dried or tinned food when you go camping, you know? You have fresh, cool food for every meal, use it for enjoying on the beach as a picnic or store it for cooking later on.

If you use a camping fridge then you can keep food nice and fresh, meaning you can eat just about whatever you like - although you’ll obviously need a mains hook up so you can plug it in. A cool box is great for eating fresh food while out and about, handy for day trips.

Don’t want to go for the full camping fridge option? An electric cool box will do the trick as well. Or if you’re going out for the day, then go for a cool bag and some freezer packs.

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A bit of outdoor camping furniture here that is incredibly handy for protecting you from the elements and ensuring some privacy on your campsite.

Windbreaks serve a couple of functions, and can, therefore,  be extremely useful. As the name suggests, windbreaks can screen you from the wind so you can still enjoy being outdoors on a blowy day, and they can also act as a privacy screen.

So, if you’re on a busy campsite but just want some time to yourself, then you can create your own little enclosure that’s just for your and your family. Windbreaks can be inflated or pitched using poles with some featuring windows.

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Camping toilet

Does this really count as furniture? Well, you sit down on it, so technically it's a seat - a rather important one on a campsite!

If you don’t have any toilet facilities nearby or you really don’t like the idea of shared toilets, then you’ll need a portable camping toilet.

We have a great range to choose from that are compact and lightweight so won’t take up too much room, and we even have a toilet tent to ensure any calls of nature are kept just between you and nature!

You’ll also need to get some camping toilet chemicals to keep it clean, which you can also get right here.

Take a look at our full range of camping furniture and camping equipment collection including:

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