Exclusive to Winfields Outdoors: The New Kesmere Outdoor Range

In the UK, we have wonderful landscapes right on our doorstep just waiting to be explored.

In the UK, we have wonderful landscapes right on our doorstep just waiting to be explored.

But, before you can embark on your new adventure, you need outdoor clothing and footwear that’s built to survive the journey. That’s why we’re proud to announce a brand new, exclusive to Winfields Outdoors outdoor clothing and footwear brand – Kesmere.

What is Kesmere?

What is Kesmere?

But ‘what is Kesmere?’ we hear you ask.

With our decades of experience as an outdoor supplies retailer, we like to think we have something to offer to the conversation for clothing and footwear – which is why we know Kesmere is one to watch. This range is a great contribution to the world of outdoor clothing and footwear.

At Winfields Outdoors, we’ve always believed that everyone should have the chance to discover the world around them safely and comfortably. So, we’re always on the lookout for affordable, but high-quality, outdoor clothing and footwear you could rely on.

At its core, Kesmere is built and designed for YOU – and you can find it exclusively at Winfields.

But why now?

The last few years have been tough – in fact, the phrase emotional rollercoaster comes to mind. But through these unprecedented times, the outdoors has always come through for us.

From short walks to your local park, to full-blown hikes up Scafell or Snowdon, across the UK more and more people have recognised the natural beauty we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by. With plenty of mental and physical benefits, exploring the outdoors has never been more important for our health.

But not everyone knows how to approach the outdoors, or has the right gear to explore their local areas. At Winfields Outdoors, we wanted to make the outside world more approachable and accessible for everyone – which meant collaborating with a fantastic team to find outdoor clothing for the ordinary person.

Speaking to the Kesmere designer Mark Tucker, he summed up the core message of the brand perfectly:

“We wanted to design and deliver something that had the right balance of performance, comfort, weight, and durability that looked good and achieved a price point that wouldn’t break the bank. 

The last few years has brought a wealth of new outdoor enthusiasts due to the realisation that we have such beauty either on our doorstep or a stone’s throw away. However, a pair of trainers aren’t really going to cut it when it comes to the good old UK weather.”

The UK has loads to offer even the most casual of outdoor adventurers, so we wanted to make sure that, come rain or shine, you had the best gear for your explorations.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Of course, coming up with durable, reliable, and stylish designs was only half of the work. At Winfields Outdoors, we want to make sure that we’re only stocking the best brands – which is why our shop teams have been wearing the Kesmere range to really put it through its paces and make sure we’re offering you the best.

To get more of an insight into how the Kesmere footwear has been performing, we spoke to several of our team members in the Hull store – who had this to say:

“Didn’t take much time to bed in and are comfortable from day one.” – Lee

“Definitely waterproof as they get tested every day on my walk to work!! So much rain recently.” – Chelsey

“Great traction on the sole. Hard-wearing durable footwear.” – Kelly

We figured there was no-one better than our experts to let you know what they really think about the range. So, why not pop into your local store and speak to our team members for more information about the Kesmere footwear collection?

Stay connected with the wider world

Stay connected with the wider world

Whether you’re a newbie to the outdoors, or a seasoned hiker looking for adventure, you’ll be able to take on the world with exclusive access to our range of Kesmere walking boots. 

Staying connected with our outdoor heritage is incredibly important, which is why we love the idea Kesmere had – each part of the footwear collection is connected to the wider walking world through coordinates to popular or famous UK mountains.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to make it too easy for you (spoilers!). But, why not challenge yourself to exploring these coordinates, and put yourself, and your boots, through their paces? 

Let us know how you do with the hashtag #WalkWithUs and tag us in your social media posts!

Spring/Summer 2024 at Winfields Outdoors

With 2024 right around the corner, give yourself something to look forward to with this exclusive range at Winfields Outdoors.

Whilst the Kesmere walking boots are fantastic (if we do say so ourselves), these are just the tip of the iceberg.

This collection is just getting started, and we’re incredibly excited for you to experience more of the amazing, affordable, and exclusive to Winfields Kesmere outdoor clothing range next spring. With everything from t-shirts to jackets, walking poles and even a kids range – you’ll be sure to find a new favourite to help you explore the outdoors.

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Kesmere: Expertly designed with YOU in mind

At Winfields Outdoors, we believe the outdoors is for everyone – and we should all have the opportunity to take in the best of the UK. Explore our new and exclusive Kesmere range for affordable, stylish outdoor footwear.

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